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Launch imovie by clicking its icon in the dock it is a purple star. Media is used to check imovie libraries with a collection of meida that shares a same top. The course covers the entire postproduction process, from importing. Project library click where all movie projects on computer are displayed 02. Then drag the lower edge of the viewer to expand it to its maximum size, which shows 4k video at 100% resolution. To save space on your mac, you can move your imovie library to an external hard drive. Filmora video editor for mac is one of the best imovie alternative for mac macos 10. If youre on an older machine, 4k may be more of a challenge. You may choose to print this document before you start or keep this pdf file open on. The carver resource center is the educational technology hub for.

Browse your clips more easily, instantly share your favorite moments, and create beautiful hd movies and hollywoodstyle trailers. Pdf tutoriel complet pour debutant avec imovie en pdf. Imovie tutorial pdf software a pdf screen tutorial maker v. Create a trailer in imovie for ipad and iphone part 1. Just click to download and install on your mac or ios device. Use 4k and 60 frames per second video in imovie apple support. To open imovie on the computers in the ltc computer lab, follow these steps. Is there another subject or specific thing you want me to do a mac tutorial on. To import an imovie hd project, choose fileimport imovie hd project. The course covers the entire postproduction process, from importing audio, video, and still images to adding effects, creating trailers, and sharing your finished projects on social networks. This is what the imovie window will look like before you import video andor photos. How to start a movie project with imovie 09 dummies. It has a more userfriendly interface than imovie for you to edit video, make movie, adjust audio track, etc.

The bottom third shows the project library with dianegeraniumproject highlighted. From basic editing to audio and video effects, imovie has everything you need to get started creating highquality movies. It is known that imovie interface is complicated and it is not easy for beginners to edit video with imovie. Jun 04, 2012 download manual guide of imovie 11 help pdf in pdf that we indexed in manual guide.

Use 4k and 60 frames per second video in imovie apple. I wish to thank the unknown photographer who has clicked. There are also other information provided as to where you can download and install the program as well as the specific requirements. Imovie tutorial pdf software free download imovie tutorial pdf. It applies the modern theme and sets theme music not. Dec 09, 20 imovie 11 tutorial editing in this video we take video clips we created in lesson 2 and create a movie project to beg. Here we offer you the most comprehensive imovie tutorials, ranging from the basic features to advanced options. In order to change the duration of an image, right click and select set duration. When testing on a modern, 2015 5k imac, 4k worked flawlessly. These instructions are just for reference and do not cover all the tools available in imovie goodluck. This tutorial is a complete guide to using imovie for mac and is made using version 10.

By default, imovie applies some global settings to your project. Once a theme has been selected imovie will ask you to add titles and credit information, before enabling you to choose video clips and sequences and then arrange them in a visually exciting way. Creating movies with imovie 11 kent state university. New project click allows you to start a new movie project. Mac os x with snow leopard offers a video application called imovie a featurepacked tool for serious movie production.

Monitor window views clips or your final imovie project 04. Click on your pick and drag into place on top of the video or image at the beginning of the movie clips in the timeline. Creating a new imovie 11 project to open a new project. Garrick chow learn how to edit video, add music and effects, and export movies for sharing with imovie. Now follow the imovie video tutorial below to create an amazing movie in. Allows students another means of demonstrating content knowledge by using a media outlet instead of a paper and pencil one.

How to use imovie tutorial for beginners with screenshots. Then there shows a cropping control bar, click the crop to fill button, an adjustable frame appears on top of the clip in the viewer. Des cours complet et simplifier avec des exemples et des cours imovie en pdf a telecharger. In imovie 11 essential training, author garrick chow illustrates the process of creating highquality video using imovie 11. The video projects once completed can then be exported to playback on itunes, dvd players, youtube, on a pc, or embedded in a web page. This is a basic tutorial on how to use imovie to produce your photo essay video. Also included are tutorials on adjusting audio levels, automatically identifying clips that include faces, and using green screen effects. With an allnew design, apple imovie lets you enjoy your videos like never before. Learn the building blocks of importing, editing, and working with features such as imovies movie trailers. When the imovie 11 screen appears, click new project ru \rx fdq dffhvv rwkhu surmhfwv e\ folfnlqj on them in the 3urmhfw leudu\ orfdwhg e\ folfnlqj wkh project library tab in the top left corner of the. Here is a screen shot from one of apples tutorials for imovie, which better. So after your computers include imovie for mac bundled with recent versions of mac operating system, then, all you need to do next is to learn imovie tutorial on how to use imovie to create movie from start to finish. Here the sequence begins by zooming out from the vehicle in the water to the establishing shot of the location.

You can use it to produce better youtube videos, create simple music videos, document your vacation, present your product, teach remotely, or make any other videos that you want. Allinone video toolbox includes gif maker, video compressor, cddvd converter, fix media metadata, screen recorder and more. Filmora video editor is the best imovie alternative for mac 10. Make sure to check out our tutorial on how to turn on hidden advanced features in imovie how to use imovie. Clicking on share create a pdf document that can be viewed and edited with a pdf application, or viewed in a web browser. And when youre ready to premiere on all your devices, imovie theater rolls out the red carpet. You can import your videos by dragging it in from the desktop, or by clicking the import icon on the imovie editing interface. When you first launch imovie, you will see this screen. Open imovie, click create button, and here you can choose to create a movie or a imovie trailer. It applies the modern theme and sets theme music not to play. Creating a new imovie 11 project 7r rshq d qhz surmhfw 1. As with the previous version of imovie, all of your clips are stored in one central location called the event library. First, put imovie into full screen modeclick the green button in the topleft corner of the imovie window.

In this handson session, learn how to use imovie to shorten and arrange your clips, and to add audio, titles, and other effects. This is the first stage in editing your videos on imovie. We tested this software on a late 2011 macbook pro with a 2. Play project can play selected movie project either in viewer or full screen 05. You can use imovie 11 to edit the footage you film with digital video cameras and hd video cameras. Cds cofounder dana atchley and associate harry marks hosted the first two imovie workshops for youth and apple masters at apples cupertino campus. Imovie tutorial pdf software free download imovie tutorial. Finalizing sharing your project 1 starting a new project open imovie by clicking icon on bottom of screen. Connect your camera or storage device to your computer using the appropriate cable usb, firewire, etc. Each video tutorial shows you the detailed steps for accomplishing the editing tasks in imovie. Imovie tutorial pdf software apdf screen tutorial maker v.

You can also drag and drop audio directly into imovie. Finalizing sharing your project 1 starting a new project open imovie by. Here is a screen shot from one of apples tutorials for imovie, which better illustrates the functions of all the buttons in that window 8. This tutorial will help you use imovie 09 to edit your video. Clips is a free ios app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more. In the imovie tutorial, i will explain how to create and edit a short movie with imovie and share it with your family and friends. You can watch the videos simply by clicking the video thumbnails. Download book imovie the missing manual 2014 release covers imovie 10 0 for mac and 2 0 for ios in pdf lea offer easytounderstand tutorials on key, imovie tutorial. How to use imovie 2016 for beginners screenshot tutorial. It not only supports all the file formats for imovie, but also support importing almost any video, auido, and images formats, and exporting videos in multiple formats according to your needs. Fortunately, imovie still has a broll video track a notable differentiator from windows movie maker. This is a basic tutorial on how to use imovie to produce your photo. If you are unfamiliar with imovie you may want to have a look at an overview of the imovie screen, to learn some of the menus and buttons. Since that time, cds has watched the development of imovie to the.

This is a detailed tutorial on how to use the windows movie maker in creating and editing your video clip. You can select the clip you wanna crop or rotate in the timeline. Creating movies with imovie 11 learning advantages allows recorded class sessions or lectures to be edited and developed into short movie s that can be posted on the web for additional class resources. Imovie 09 tutorial anokahennepin school district 11. This is what your imovie screen will look like after you import video andor photos. To build a movie, drag clips from the event library into the project area and rearrange them as needed, then add photos from your iphoto. The imovie controls work the same as many topnotch movieediting tools that professionals use. As you launch your imovie on your macbook, macbook proair and open it, you will find the startup window is divided into tables on the top. Here is an easy 4 step breakdown to get you started in less than 5 minutes. These videos need to be edited, compressed and uploaded to chalk and wire or blackboard for scoring. Convert video to optimized preset for almost all of the devices including windows movie maker, imovie, final cut pro, etc. A user can use imovie to edit the footage you film with digital video cameras, dvds, vhs, still images, and recorded sound. First things first, youll need to import a clip into your timeline. G etti ng s ta rt ed below is a view of what your screen will look.

You can use imovie or any other software which you are comfortable with or have access to. Before starting with the tutorial that begins in chapter 2, read the following sections to get familiar with the concepts and tools that imovie provides for playing, organizing. Get help viewing, editing, and sharing movies on your mac, iphone, ipod touch, and ipad. Click on the imovie icon in the program dock at the bottom of the screen to start the application. When the imovie 11 screen appears, click new project, or you can access other projects by clicking on them in the project library located by clicking the project library tab in the top left corner of the.

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