Mccpilotlog vs logbook pro for mac

Logten pro makes your life easier through its super fast flight logging with our fly now feature, detailed analysis of your flight time with the analyze view, the powerful insight technology that monitors all your upcoming flights and warns you of any issues, and our awesome night mode. Logbook pro, coradine logten pro and many more view the complete list. Electronic logbook suggestions page 6 airline pilot. The only logbook to support multiple desktop systems windows pc, mac os and all mobile platforms ios, android, windows phone, blackberry, fire kindle. The main desktop application software connects to more than 270 crew web portals, for airlines using aims ecrews, sabre cwp, crewtrac, aircrews, crewconnex, flica, crewdock, crewlinknetline, emaestro and many more. To transfer your database from another logbook like logbook pro, logten pro, safelog and 40 others towards mccpilotlog, check the import page. The software runs also on mac os through parallels desktop or bootcamp. Many pilots have successfully switched to crewlounge pilotlog formerly mccpilotlog in the past years. The only logbook to support multiple desktop systems windows pc, mac os and all mobile platforms ios, android, windows phone, blackberry, fire kindle started back in 2009, now serving tens of thousands of pilots around the world, everyday. We invite all pilots with a lifetime license for mccpilotlog to migrate and enjoy the new crewlounge aero suite. Switch to crewlounge pilotlog to run your logbook as 64bit application. They enable sharing pilots flight log data with other pilots as well. Welcome to airline pilot forums connect and get the inside scoop on airline companies. I looked at logten pro and mccpilotlog prior to that and entered several pages of my logbook in each as a test.

Crewlounge pilotlog is subscription based, we do no longer offer onetime payments. Pilotlog is the leading electronic pilot logbook, used by tens of thousands of fixedwing, rotor, glider and balloon pilots around the world. Why switching from mccpilotlog to crewlounge pilotlog. After being in service for ten years, it was time for tabula rasa. If you are an iphone person, you should also consider foreflight. If you dont have or want to have a mac and you want an app that runs on. Access your logbook from any desktop mac windows or any phone ios, android, blackberry, kindle.

Many pilots reported to be enraged by the expensive annual charge, going above 4,000 usd for a 30years flying career. Installing the main application on windows pc and mac os. Logten pro x, logbook pro, myflightbook, safelog, mccpilotlog. Should i put in separation papers right away to preempt deployment orders, or roll the dice and risk getting stuck in the military for an extra year. They can convert what you got on your logtenpro to mccpilotlog in like ten. Foreflight has a new logbook feature and it is integrated so it creates the entries from the. How to setup and sync mulitple mccpilotlog desktops windows pc, mac os. In case you upgrade your mac to catalina or later, mccpilotlog will stop working. Unlock more features in the software with the pro or ent edition. How to migrate from mccpilotlog to crewlounge pilotlog. What is the best electronic logbook page 2 jetcareers. The desktop application may not have the lookandfeel you would expect from native mac software. Mccpilotlog has a horrible interface based on oldschool braindamaged lets make everything a dialog ui design principles. Im at risk for a nonflying 179day or 365day deployment.

This video tutorials explains how to setup the software for downloading and importing your schedule. Logbook software is the best tools to log flight data for pilots and log truck drivers journey details. This video explains how to setup and run mccpilotlog logbook software on different pc, macbook or laptops. We are being swamped by pilots that quit on logten pro as coradine introduced its new subscription plan some time ago. Crewlounge pilotlog is the new application that replaces mccpilotlog. Fly smarter with logten pro x pilot logbook for mac, iphone. After 10 years of service, and more than 2600 changes and bug fixes, it was time to rebuild mccpilotlog on new fundaments. Nc software help desk to provide the leading customer service for the logbook pro and apdl aviation flight logbook customers. There are definitely ways that mccpilotlog excels but the overall design logic is poor and when you need tutorials upon tutorials there is an issue. The pc desktop application connects to your airline crew web portal such as aims ecrew, sabre crewtrac, sabre flica, sabre cwp, crewdock, netlinecrew and transfers your flight roster to the windows phone app. We recommend all pilots to migrate to our new logbook crewlounge pilotlog. Logten pro is a nice logbook software and so are we.

Purchase the pro edition from the order page and insert your license key on the tools page to unlock all pro features in mccpilotlog. Coradine is the industry leader in electronic pilot logbook services for iphone, ipad, and mac. Available for windows pc, mac os, ios iphoneipad, android phonetablet, windows phone, blackberry and fire kindle. Logbook pro is the world leader in logbook software for pilots on the market serving the aviation industry over 18 years. Crewlounge pilotlog, as part of the crewlounge aero suite, is the new pilot logbook to replace mccpilotlog. We endeavor to develop comprehensive and userfriendly logbook software. Started back in 2009, now serving tens of thousands of pilots around the world, everyday.

If you dont ever plan on owning a windows desktop or notebook computer, just move on. Does mccpilotlog work directly on the mac yet i think it needs a windows emulator reply 14th nov 2016, 14. The ultimate electronic pilot logbook for windows pc and mac os, with mobile companion apps on ios, android, windowsphone, blackberry and fire kindle. Before you choose any of the paid plans, we insist that you first install and test our software. Logtex pro x is for mac and logbook pro is for windows. I found many great opinions on logten pro which is only available for apples platforms, whereas i found almost no opinions on mccpilotlog which is available to. We want you to be 100% satisfied before you pay for our. Thank you for considering crewlounge pilotlog as your new pilot logbook. I used an older version of logten pro before they charged for subscription fee. Logbook without a membership if youre looking for an alternative to logten pro since the switch to ios11 this seems like an enticing app without the recurring fees. We do not terminate mccpilotlog, your logbook continues to run.

Nc software downloads logbook pro and apdl far 117. How to setup mccpilotlog logbook software for synchronizing mobile applications. However, crewlounge pilotlog is the only electronic pilot logbook offering you the freedom of combining any desktop platform with any mobile system. If you dont mind a browserbased system for your desktop app, then you can add zululog to that list. Ent e ntreprise the ent edition has all functions from the pro edition and additionally enables mcccloud data synchronization with any number of desktop and mobile devices. We have listened to you, when you mentioned that some parts of the software were complex or cumbersome to use. Welcome to airline pilot forums connect and get the. Run the logbook software straight from your mac os without any virtual windows. The mobile app is not intended to be, and should not be used as, an independent logbook application, but only as a complementary mobile tool to the main pc program. Download and install the new software on the desktop windows mac and mobile app ios android. This is not just a new version, but a complete new application build on a new architecture.

Download to your pc and then extract the zip file and place logbook. Let us migrate your mccpilotlog logbook to logten pro for you. I know plenty of pilots that moved from logten pro to safelog and mccpilotlog. The ultimate electronic logbook for recreational and professional pilots. Mcc pilot logbook mccpilotlog is the only pilot logbook software application able to reproduce different paper logbook formats, such as jeppesen, asa, jaa, faa, caa, transair, pooleys. Go to the settings page of the new logbook software crewlounge pilotlog and reinsert the dates. I use it on macbook and iphone, but its also on windows and android.

As from macos catalina and later all applications must run 64bit. I really like the capabilities that logbook pro offers. Free download the desktop application from our website, and download the mobile apps from your favorite app store. The only logbook to support multiple desktop systems windows pc, mac os and all. Electronic logbook suggestions airline pilot central forums. After serving tens of thousands of pilots in the past 10 years, sales for mccpilotlog have been closed on 31 december 2019. Theres no limit on the number of flights you log or how long you use the. Otherwise, logbook pro is the same thing practically, but the pc version. If you dont have or want to have a mac and you want an app that runs on your desktop computer whether youre online or not, id look closest at logbook pro, or mccpilotlog. The pilot network recently had a great discussion of a question i hear all the time.

Logbook pro vrs log 10 x welcome to airline pilot forums connect and get the inside scoop on airline companies if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq. That said, the logbook pro mobile app supports both iphones and android devices. The ultimate electronic pilot logbook, used by tens of thousands of pilots. The ultimate electronic pilot logbook, used by tens of thousands of pilots worldwide. If you have flight entries or other data in the new logten pro that should be saved, please send us your current logbook file first. Logbook pro vrs log 10 x airline pilot central forums. Logbook pro documentation installation instructions.

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